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Personal Training in East Sussex : Personal Training in East Surrey : Nordic Walking in the Cuckmere Valley : Nutrition in Alfriston area : Circuit classes now only in East Sussex : Walking courses and Guided Groups in Surrey and Sussex : Mountain biking in the South Downs : Weight Management and Fitness Consultants : Windover Fitness ~ Studio and Training Park in the South Downs

The various link buttons for the site aim to introduce you briefly to the services, courses and products offered by LIFEafterFORTY.com CONSULTING, part of WINDOVER FITNESS.

To Contact us :
either go via the email entry box on the CONTACT US page; or telephone 01323 871554

balance and fitness for life 

From this site you will find current information relating to :

  • Nutrition : our specialisations are solely for weight management, energy and sports nutrition.  From our over three-years of study to qualify with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, and from personal experiences, we do offer a specialist understanding relating to exercise and nutritional needs for support in cases of Osteo-penia (pre-Osteoporosis) and for Osteoporosis.
  • Personal Training; including Windover Fitness' stunning Training Park & Studio in the South Downs
  • Fitness Classes (Circuits, Power Plate, Kettlebells and more) --> BODY-VIBES using the Plate; and BODYWORKS for traditional and innovative Circuits ~ all in East Sussex
  • Walking and Rambling Groups including Nordic Walking  -->  Oakleafe Rambling 
  • and Cycling --> Mountain-biking, Road-biking and basic skills training

From the GROUP ACTIVITIES button you will find directions to our information pages for :

  • The OAKLEAFE RAMBLING CLUB ~ guided group walking on the North Downs of East Surrey, on the South Downs of East Sussex (from our base in the Cuckmere Valley) and in the Weald between the two;
  • The related OAKLEAFE Nordic Walking Group for fitness walking events monthly in the same areas;
  • The U3A Caterham Walking Group Programme ~ walking weekly for the retired and semi retired members of Caterham U3A group in East Surrey ... meeting on a MONDAY morning nearly every week throughout the year; and
  • At our East Sussex Studio we run BODY-VIBES, a Power-Plate specific class for from 2 to 4 individuals at once.  These are available to pre-book on a Tuesday morning at 10am; and Thursday evening (6:30 and 7:30 pm). 
    Each class is 45 minutes duration.  Class subs : £10 per class; or £35 for a block of 5 sessions prepaid (£7 per class equivalent).
    Further details upon request.
  • Our original BODY and SOUL or BODYWORKS Circuit Classes met regularly on a Monday evening in Surrey at Warlingham Methodist Church Halls (for 15 years in all from September 2002 to September 2017) ... but has now discontinued; instead we are still on a Wednesday in East Sussex for a late afternoon (4pm) in our Studio; AND on Friday afternoons in Seaford at Seaford Baptist Church.
    From 9th January 2018, and then weekly on a Tuesday afternoon 2pm to 3pm, we will be offering a senior citizen STRETCH & TONE exercise group circuit at THE CABIN (for Seaford Baptist Church), Raymond Close in Seaford.
    Our Caterham U3A Exercise group in Surrey has now also ceased ~ met weekly from September 2007 to September 2017.

A space with great views and specialist equipment to promote better fitness
Inside the WINDOVER FITNESS STUDIO ~ a unique location . . .

WINDOVER FITNESS : a unique location for Studio and exclusive Training Park  

... next to our TRAINING PARK, located in Milton Street (near Alfriston) ~ and looked over by the Long Man of Wilmington.

Our Consultancy specialises in encouraging better eating and active lifestyles for the middle years and for older adults ... working primarily in East Sussex

... but still in East Surrey (and now well into our 15th year) :

We are currently offering Personal Training in the North Downs of East Surrey (Tandridge area) currently only on a Monday each week ~  from the Matchpoint Lifeline gym at Hurst Green to the south of Oxted.

At our base in East Sussex WINDOVER FITNESS has own Personal Training STUDIO, purely for one-to-one and small group training *(max 1-to-3).  This is truly a training room with a view, set in the heart of the South Downs and the Cuckmere Valley.  There we also offer POWER PLATE® training (WHOLE BODY VIBRATION TECHNIQUE) as well as sports-specific conditioning and weight management classes; in our exclusive indoor and outdoor training areas.  

The Gym of the Outdoors in our Training Park has plenty of space for larger group activities when the weather permits.

Windover Fitness specialises in the GYM of the OUTDOORS ~ especially for fok who do not wish to exercise indoors or using a static machine! 

We only offer NUTRITION GUIDANCE exclusively as a part of our holistic approach to fitness : taking a combination of diet and lifestyle for a thorough review in seeking the achievement of OPTIMUM HEALTH (you are what you eat ... and can absorb) for you.

NOTE :  We do not offer Nutritional Consultations ("Nutritional Therapy") relating to specific health conditions.

Finally, One-to-One PERSONAL TRAINING ~ for Fitness and Weight Management.  Allied to this are the many Group Activities offered each month, where individuals who prefer the companionship and security of exercising in a Group can meet and develop new friendships.

balance and fitness for life

Try answering the following short questions ~ honestly :

  • Do you have trouble getting up in the morning without a quick, strong cup of either tea or coffee ? YES or NO
  • Do you feel you are stuck with a specific health problem ? YES or NO
  • Do you feel that you are addicted to particular foods ? YES or NO
  • Are you now on a diet and aware that you have been on one diet or another, on and off, for a long time ? YES or NO
  • Is your weight more than 10% higher than you feel it should be ? YES or NO
  • Do you get more than one cold a year and take longer than four days to recover from it ? YES or NO
  • Do weeks go by without you taking any physical exercise that makes you short of breath ? YES or NO

If you have answered YES to 5 or more questions, then you definitely need to read on ...

Our Fitness Consultancy, covering East Sussex & East Surrey, will give you the benefits of a mentor for close support, encouragement and personalised programmes as you address your health and fitness.  You can achieve : 

  • better energy; 
  • improved mood; 
  • better weight-control ; 
  • improved movement and joint mobility; and maybe ...
  • ... (maybe) even a grrREATT sex life !

On the exercise front ~ we can :

  • Bring the gym or class to you :
  • Train you in your own home or in your office;
  • or in the open air ;
  • Meet you for a training session in a specific gym location ~ for the benefit of the additional equipment available incorporate into your programme.  
  • We use the Matchpoint-Lifeline PT Studio at Hurst Green (near Oxted) in Surrey; plus a full range of equipment based at our own WINDOVER Fitness Studio in the Cuckmere Valley, East Sussex : in the South Downs between Lewes and Eastbourne, very close to Alfriston and the Drusillas Zoo Park.   

Try exercising with a Trainer :

  • One-to-one;
  • One-to two or one-to-three (i.e. POWER PLATE 30 or BODY-VIBES groups); or
  • In a "class" environment ... in East Sussex only since September 2017 (i.e. Kettlebell classes in our Windover Studio or in the open air).

Get fit for a specific event ~ in the Autumn and Winter we offer a specialisation of ski-specific training : including the latest CONCEPT2 SkiERG machine.

We offer a particular specialisation in CYCLING ~ be it :

  • getting used to cycling from first principles for those who have not been on a bike since childhood (or maybe not even then);
  • cycling on-road or off-road; or
  • preparations for endurance events.

We are committed to the promotion of an Active Lifestyle throughout all age ranges.

Now you really can grasp the reins as you take control of your own health and fitness. 

You should definitely consult your GP first if  :
you have not exercised for some time, suffer from breathlessness, dizziness, chest pains or have a pre-existing medical condition; or
you have led a particularly sedentary lifestyle; or
you have not seen your GP for many months (or longer!) ...

HOWEVER, in most cases the response will be that it is more dangerous for your health and longevity to continue as you have been unless that is already under medical advice ... i.e. ~ to maintain an inactive or otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

Now explore through our pages, and find out more about what you can do to keep trim, fit and healthy through those middle years ... FORTY, fifty and "fifty-plus" ... and BEYOND.