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  • In respect of Training for General Fitness and Weight Reduction :

The following received in June 2008 from Alison of Buxted, East Sussex :

From my training with Nigel I have lost weight and am feeling sleeker.  I am also stronger, more aware of muscles holding me in better posture, and definitely less stressed at work (… my assistant has commented on that! )”     

The following received in April 2008 from Mr G. Curtis of Sedlescombe, East Sussex :

We really hit the jackpot when we found you to train us.” 

The following received in 2003 from Derek Funnell of Warlingham, Surrey :

"It is now over a year since Nigel put some science into my training. In the first four months he achieved a substantial reduction in my girth, whereas my fitness levels and skills for cycling really improved. Moreover, my stress levels reduced to the extent that my family and work colleagues commented on the difference! I recommend his services."  

The following received September 2005 from L Houghton of Oxted, Surrey :

“I whole-heartedly recommend Nigel's professional approach to personal training and nutritional advice.  Since working with Nigel in 2004, I have introduced regular exercise into my lifestyle, reduced my weight and waistline by 2 inches.  I intend to retain Nigel's services in the background to keep an occasional check on how things are going.”

The following received by e-mail July 2006 from LP of Caterham, Surrey :

I am inspired by the experience in America, when I managed to walk so much further and at such an altitude - 7.000 feet - four miles along the south rim of the Grand Canyon at 70 degrees too.  I would never have been able to do it without
the six months 'Lifeafterforty' training beforehand - even the children noticed and commented on how much fitter I was.

So I hope I won't let it all slip - maybe I need to book an exciting holiday for next year!!”

  • In respect of  Sports Specific Training for Marathon Running :

The following received October 2003 from Steve Pitman of Warlingham, Surrey ~ finisher in the Flora London Marathon 2003 and the Dublin Marathon October 2003 :  

“In April 2003 I ran the London Marathon ~ my first event at this distance.  I completed without hitting the Wall and very 'close' to my target time, having previously only run half-marathon events.  Nigel was on hand to assist with my final three months of very specific training for the event.  His advice proved to be invaluable in respect of progressing my training so that I was on best form, for protecting my knees and in sharing aspects of nutrition for exercise to get the most out of my training ~ well it saw me through the Event itself, and I had a little energy in reserve as I crossed the line.  I really enjoyed the London Marathon.” 

Post-script to the main text, after completing the Dublin Marathon :   

“The (Dublin) race went really well, and I smashed the 4hr barrier, finishing in 3:41:55 (official time), and 1,376th position out of 6,278 finishers.  I was also much more consistent in this race with every mile within 40 sec of my average pace of 8.5 mins/mile.   ...  Thanks again for the support you gave me as I worked towards London .  I went back to your advice in the preparation for Dublin and used it as the foundation for a very satisfying new personal best.  The only problem now is that it will be much harder to go faster next time – sub 3:30:00? "

  • Generally in respect of Sports Conditioning :

The following received 2003 from David Croft, Director at FMS Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent :

"I came to Nigel with very specific requirements in relation to my sports ~ a mix of cycling, motor sports and skiing.  He has genuinely tailored my training to suit my needs.  By meeting regularly he has also offered considerable variety around the core structure of my programme.  The biggest event for me in 2003 has been a four-day cycling tour in France ~ and I felt fully prepared and confident for that.  

I have enjoyed my cycle training particularly, and also the focus on core strength, balance and upper body muscular work for my endurance sports car racing. 

In our first four months together I improved in most of my fitness test results and was particularly pleased with the reduced body fat results.”  

  • In respect of General Fitness and Muscle Development

The following received Sept 2005 from Michael Gray, Record Producer, Surrey :

"I first started working out under Nigel's guidance in August 2004.  My goals were to improve my fitness, build up muscle more effectively and enjoy my gym exercise more.  One of the main constraints have been that I have to be careful with my posture because of lower back problems caused from working long hours sitting at a mixing desk in my studio.  I was also looking for a personal trainer who would focus exclusively on my needs whilst we were consulting.

Nigel has met all of the challenges I have given him.  I have enjoyed my training time at the gym; I have bulked up some muscle and thus improved my appearance ~ and all without detriment to my back.  He has also worked hard to improve my immunity and to get me eating healthily.  My time at the gym each week with Nigel goes very quickly as opposed to when I'm on my own!”

  • For SKI SPECIFIC Conditioning :

The following received September 2005 from Mr David Croft, Director at FMS Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent :

"When I was skiing in December 2003 I injured my right knee in a fall whilst waiting for the ski-lift.   Through most of 2004 and right up to when I went skiing again in December 2004, Nigel's training programme was set up to adapt to the needs prescribed by my knee specialists.  Throughout the autumn 2004 we focused specifically on exercises to improve my balance and to prepare the knee for the stresses of the slopes again.  Nigel had never skied himself, but developed an amazing programme of exercises to simulate ski manoeuvres.  This coped with the fact that I needed to wear a special brace to protect the knee during twisting motions.  They felt right ... and I also found that the balance training really paid off when it came to the classes I took on the slopes."

The following received by text February 2006 from Marilyn Hunter from Godstone, Surrey :

"Hi nigel.  Perfect skiing conditions.  Without our workouts i'd be dead!  Just about keeping up (... with teenaged ski-companions)  Going bowling 2night as if my knees needed more exercise!  Tired but happy. ..."

The following received by text April 2006 from Mrs R Gridley from Oxted, Surrey :

"Glad I did those squats.  Fitter and faster than other years.  Going well so far."

  • In respect of  Nutritional Programme :

The following received March 2006 from M Taylor of Caterham :

"Wow you are spot on as usual!! ... I think I've got things pretty much back on track now but all this info you've attached is so useful. I have been reading up on 'You are what you eat' way of thinking, plus more of the book you leant me and other bits, have bought a variety of beans and pulses, totally organic fruit and veggies where poss and am going to try to change my whole way of 'looking after myself'. The funny thing is I thought I already was doing the right thing till you analysed my diet! And then when I think of all the trouble I've had in general health, lack of energy etc I obviously have missed the point hugely!"

  • For our BODY & SOUL Circuit Classes :

The following received February 2004 from Mrs Moore of Warlingham :

"I have taken on a particularly challenging job recently and going to a circuit class at the end of the week is the last thing I ever feel like doing. Two minutes in and the transformation is total! I know that it is one of the most important things that I can do to keep me mentally sharp as well as physically active. Over the time Nigel has been teaching me both in class and one to one I have seen the real benefits of exercise. For someone who has never been "sporty" it has been life-transforming."

The following received September 2003 from Kevin Taylor of Abbey Wood, London, SE2 :

"I have been attending Nigel's circuit classes in Warlingham since February 2003.  When I first attended the classes I had previously been experiencing some joint pains as a result of my running. I was delighted to find that within the first two/three classes, with the careful warm-up and circuit station sequences that Nigel established, I could exercise more effectively and without recurrence of the knee troubles.  I have stuck with the Body & Soul classes and now they are a regular part of my training schedule."

The following information was added in an e-mail dated 29th September 2004 and reproduced with Kevin's approval :   

"My joint pains ~ I had a recurring pain in the left knee, which seemed to be aggravated by damp and cold (getting old now!). Although it is still there faintly from time to time, it has very much improved through the classes because you have reintroduced the discipline of proper warm ups/downs for me which I used to be very bad at sustaining when training on my own. My other joint problem was left elbow (tennis elbow) which was aggravated by use of weights. Thanks to your gradual and careful use of exercise regimes, that too is almost gone.

My son was doing 'personal training' for me, but our working hours seldom coincide now, so my supervised training has fallen by the wayside, with the result that your regular sessions are the only 'disciplined' work I get apart from my unarmed self-defence 'refreshers' at work (mainly Aikido).

Thank you so much for your patient and caring attitude. The fact that you care about what you do for us literally 'shines' out of you. You do an excellent job and long may you continue, because God has obviously given you a unique ministry.    Every good wish.”

The following received October 2005 from Mr J King of Warlingham ~ regarding the 60+ Circuit Classes :

“My wife and I have been attending the over-60 class for over 2½ years.  In that time Nigel has emphasised posture with exercises used to maintain muscle quality, joint flexibility and bone density ~ all with the view to leading active, independent lives for many years to come.

We all look forward to our weekly meetings where we are guaranteed to finish tired but happy.”

  • Testimonials in respect of one-to-one cycle training :

The following received September 2004 from Mr J Luba of Warlingham :

"For over 40 years I had convinced myself that I could not ride a bike. After one hour of introductory training with Nigel I found myself riding around our garden on two wheels ~ much to the amazement of my family. In the subsequent few sessions we progressed to riding on roads and to distances of nearly 20 miles. On our recent holiday I was very happy to hire bikes and ride out in France with my family."

The following received September 2005 from Mr David Croft, Director at FMS Ltd, Sevenoaks, Kent :

"In June 2005 I had decided that I would be cycling through some of the Tour de France alpine stages with a group of friends.  Nigel established for me some appropriate training routes near where I lived (we found nothing steeper in the Alps ... they just went on a lot longer! )  He also developed a programme of resistance training that helped improve the power output I could achieve when pedalling.  This I found to be invaluable on the long uphill climbs as we crossed the Col de Galibier (both ways); and went up Col de Telegraphe and Alpe d'Huez.  Nigel's personal experience of the training needs for cycling proved to be invaluable in this preparation.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my cycling in 2005  ~ and after watching some of our alpine adventures, my Dad commented, 'David is as fit as I have ever seen him'"

  • Testimonials relating to the TANDRIDGE FAMILY BIKE RIDES :

The following received June 2004 from Mr A. Thornley of  Woldingham :

"I thoroughly enjoyed the ride last Saturday.   It must have been about the highest mileage I've done in over fifteen  years!  I thought that the organisation, and the obvious considerations  for the comfort and safety of the participants were superb.  Well done to  you and all the others involved." 

The following received September 2005 from Karen F of Caterham :

"These organised and supervised rides are an excellent opportunity to get the children out enjoying the delights of the countryside as well as introducing them to the disciplines of road riding with a friendly group of people.  The rides are manageable and fun. Good luck next weekend.  Hope to see you next year.”

The following received September 2005 from Phil Harris of Hurst Green, Surrey :

“I am 49 years old and my daughter is 11 and we have both hugely enjoyed the Family Bike Rides organised and led by Nigel and Carole Bentley.  Being new to the world of cycling, we both were made to feel incredibly welcome and totally safe all of the time.  Nigel gave both of us really useful tips, advice and encouragement - not only on cycling but also fitness as well.  We will definitely be back for as much cycling as we can get with Nigel and Carole.”

The following received September 2005 from G Jones of Caterham, Surrey :      

“I have taken part in several of the Tandridge Family Bike Rides since May 2005, including encouraging my young daughter to complete 12 miles from the last Ride this season.   We both really enjoyed the quiet lanes and countryside that the route offered, and the camaraderie of riding in a group; great memories of a sunny Sunday afternoon.  Top marks for this event ~ and we are looking forward to your new programme for 2006." 

  • Finally ~ testimonials relating to our WALKING GROUPS :

The following received October 2005 regarding the U3A Walking Group (Caterham & District) ~ from Mr RE Boots , Old Coulsdon, Surrey :

"Both my wife and myself thoroughly enjoy our walks in and around Surrey .  The walks are very well planned and give full recognition to the ages and fitness levels of the participants.  The walks also offer 2-3 hours of pleasant company with usually a chat afterwards. Highly recommended."

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Originals of all quoted testimonial documents are held where possible at our office for inspection.  Testimonials are reproduced with full permission as to content and credit style.