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At Windover Fitness, we have a menu to offer ~ one that will change your life.

You can select from that menu, giving you a mentor and professional guidance with your fitness programme or your sports specific conditioning ... in a form that fits around your exercise programme, lifestyle and budget.

For more specific details of training in East Sussex, follow the link www.windover.info

balance and fitness for life 

If Time is Tight!  Have you considered Power Plate Exercising ?

Power Plate®
sessions can reduce the amount of time you need to spend in order to achieve great results.  At our Windover Studio in East Sussex we use Power Plate® Pro-5 equipment.  We can offer this regime as a part of regular personal training (hourly sessions); or with our special Power Plate 30 sessions, which focus much more on the Power Plate technology in combination with fitness ball, core exercise and warming-up/stretching (all within just over 30 minutes total session time).  We have developed a small group BODY-VIBES class, now running several times a week since we started them in 2011

Personal Training is appropriate for all, not just those seeking a 'perfect physique'.  It can help you find a fitness and vitality that you thought was beyond reach.  Our Fitness Consultancy can help you to retain/improve mobility, balance, suppleness and more.
This can be achieved quickly or slowly, the pace is yours to determine. 

We could meet once or twice a month (this is very common), or even quicker if we meet weekly or even two-to-three times a week.  For some it is more appropriate to meet every 2 to 3 months to check progress and ensure that your exercise is : safe, appropriate and progressing.  

In any event, it would probably be normal to expect your exercise programme to be self-determining within about 6 to 9 months from the start.  That is to say that the Personal Training programme would probably last about 9 months, and from that point forwards you would have the information and skill you need to maintain the advances made and in most instances to continue your progress for years to come.  If you require the security of training with someone ... especially if training outside on your own, then we are often asked to maintain a longer period for support. 

Sports Conditioning for competition would usually be over a longer period, subject to the nature of the event(s) ... and may well be ongoing.  We do specialise in SKI-CONDITIONING, and to that end one of items of equipment is the all-new (August 2009) Concept2 SkiErg machine.  We have snow-boarding and horse-riding simulators as well.

What is it that you want ?

Are you working 9 to 5 (or worse) ~ with hours of commuting on top, a sedentary lifestyle and an expanding waistline ?

An Active Living approach might well fit into your weekly routine more comfortably than you expect !

Do you suffer from shortness of breath after mild exertion, or from regular "minor" colds and 'flu ~ that will NOT go away ? 

Exercise is just one approach which if undertaken at a sensible level can truly boost your immune system and your "wind" to cope with exertions.

We can help you recover it !!

Are you concerned about brittle bones and restrictions to your range of movement ? 

We can help you develop an appropriate and effective range of exercises to support the health of your bones ... that's an investment for the LONG TERM

We can show you, be it at home, in the office or the open air or in a gym

With effort on your part, then within 2 months we could set the foundations for a positive change in your body composition ~ we could guarantee it.

These and so many other scenarios associated with ageing-stress may sound all too familiar ...

Your MENU might include :

  • Weight management
  • Body toning
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better posture and core strength
  • Balance training and co-ordination 
  • Guidance in the use of specific equipment or techniques (i.e. ~ familiarisation in the gym or for specific group classes)
  • Endurance
  • Vitality ... agility ... power ... ...  ... 
  • Establishing goals
  • Preparation for a specific event or competition  ...  and so on. 

Keeping it all in balance ... 

Keeping it all in balance.  Do not overtrain ... this is a common mistake amongst those that are trying to get fit without a mentor.  The enthusiasm for a new regime can so easily get the better of common sense.  Overdo it and it is likely that the regime will not last.  A related and interesting FACTOID : As reported 1st March 2007 : Scientists are suggesting that folk who OVER-EXERCISE are burning up too much oxygen and producing too much carbon dioxide for the world to cope.  You would then have a very unhealthy (for the planet) carbon footprint! 

Whilst the balance between O2 in and CO2 out may be adjusted during exercise... bearing in mind the relative inactivity of the larger proportion of the UK population ... I think that this suggestion is taking it a bit far.   However, do KEEP IT IN BALANCE and stay healthy by undertaking appropriate exercise.  YES

Overtraining is really not healthy :

  • ... it undermines your immune system;
  • it does not allow the body to properly repair muscle tissue; and
  • in the long run it will lead to physiological damage and ill health.  

For more on BALANCE see the handout (available shortly) under the [ARTICLES] button.  This is the sort of balance we should be striving for in eating and exercise ... not just the ability to balance and stay upright!

If you are contemplating your lifestyle choices ~ thinking of middle age and later life ~ really intending to "preserve" your health and fitness

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(b) and  bookmark this site NOW.  You may want to get back here to find out more ...