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Our diet is vital to our long-term health ~ this is a stand which we believe in wholeheartedly and one which is becoming more widely accepted in many parts of society.  However, over the last 30 years or so the question of choice and the wide array of international and convenience foods available to the consumer has led many to departing by a long way from our traditional sources of nutrients.  It is thought by many that the quality of our food is better now than ever before.  This may indeed be true as a potential, yet the processing and refining of so much does leave our diet too frequently depleted in essential nutrients ~ the balance of nutrients that we really need for Optimum Health.

Optimum health should not be considered as the “ABSENCE OF DISEASE”, but a vital, dynamic condition  in  which  we  feel positively charged ~ able to take whatever life has in store.

   Do you suffer from any of the conditions below ?

   Do you awake in the morning still feeling tired ?

   Do you find concentration hard during the day ?

If so, you are familiar with “sub-optimal health”.

It has been said that … “You get all the vitamins you need from a well balanced diet”  

This statement is simply not true for the majority of the population. Surveys carried out in Britain in the last 20 years have shown most people as deficient in many vitamins and minerals, receiving well below the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) of key nutrients.  The disturbing fact is that RDA’s are set at a level to prevent nutritional deficiency diseases like scurvy ~ NOT to promote Optimum Health.

Would that “balanced diet” take account of your body’s specific requirements ?  Requirements which increase if you smoke, drink, are ... pregnant, menopausal, over-50, drink coffee and/or tea, are stressed, exercise regularly ~ and so on.

Other factors to consider ~ how well you digest and absorb food, where and how that food was grown and how long it has been stored and cooked.

Persistent health problems should always be reviewed with your medical practitioner.  However, achieving good nutrition is appropriate to complement orthodox medicine to address deficiencies. This process involves patience and commitment.  Most people will feel a benefit within three months ~ however, some notice improvements sooner.

We only offer nutrition input for clients solely in conjunction with our more detailed FITNESS CONSULTANCY sessions.  We take an HOLISTIC approach :  we are addressing your exercise/lifestyle/eating habits etc. ~ as a whole package.

What can Optimum Nutrition achieve ?  (the following is an extract from the Optimum Nutrition Cookbook by Patrick Holford & Judy Ridgway : Piatkus : 1999)

"... being optimally nourished can : improve your clarity and concentration increase your IQ enhance your physical performance improve your quality of sleep increase your resistance to infection protect you from disease slow down the ageing process more than halve your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

These may sound like bold claims, yet each has been proven by proper scientific research.  Change what you eat and you not only change your health but also your day-to-day vitality.  You add life to your years and years to your life."

*   Allergies or asthma

*   Arthritis or aching joints

*   Bloating, constipation and/or diarrhoea

*   Blood sugar problems

*   Cardiovascular disease

*   Food intolerance

*   Frequent colds or infections

*   Headaches or migraines

*   Hormone imbalance

*   Insomnia

*   Low energy or persistent fatigue

*   Obesity, eating disorders or weight control

*   Skin conditions incl. acne, poor hair or nails

*   Stress or mood swings

Such conditions may respond to improvements in Nutritional status

The list of symptoms is far from comprehensive. Many health conditions (including minor complaints) may be significantly improved, thus improving quality of life.  These might include (but not be limited to) :
People who feel they should have more get up and go.
Tiredness and fatigue are not always due to a lack of sleep or overwork — it could be your food! 
Couples starting a family — the right balance of nutrients and an appropriate eating plan may increase fertility, ease morning sickness and result in a healthier baby.
Athletes may benefit as correct nutritional advice may optimise sports performance — that would cover what you eat and drink during training, and before, during and after competition.
Hyperactivity, poor memory or concentration, and learning difficulties — in children and adults —  may be overcome using an appropriate diet and some supplementation. 

It is about : Getting the Balance Right

AN HOLISTIC Approach : Fitness and Nutrition are addressed concurrently.  BUT, we do not believe in the general application of nutritional supplements.  HOWEVER, there are times when they are worth their weight in gold!

Each programme is tailored to provide a balance of essential nutrients ~ to support the body’s self healing abilities.  This approach gives the best chance of achieving that vital, dynamic condition  …  the elusive “Optimum Health”.