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balance and fitness for life 

Most things in life require a balance of inputs and outputs.  Our lifestyle is no different ... and now in the 21st century it seems that for so many, so many of the inputs and outputs are completely out of balance.  Not trying to change the world ... but here are some thoughts in respect of :

Do not overtrain ... this is a common mistake amongst those that are trying to get fit without a mentor.  The enthusiasm for a new regime can so easily get the better of common sense.  Overdo it and it is likely that the regime will not last.  A related and interesting FACTOID : As reported 1st March 2007 : Scientists are suggesting that folk who OVER-EXERCISE are burning up too much oxygen and producing too much carbon dioxide for the world to cope.  You would then have a very unhealthy (for the planet) carbon footprint! 

Whilst the balance between O2 in and CO2 out may be adjusted during exercise... bearing in mind the relative inactivity of the larger proportion of the UK population ... I think that this suggestion is taking it a bit far.   However, do KEEP IT IN BALANCE and stay healthy by undertaking appropriate exercise.  YES

  • ... it undermines your immune system;
  • it does not allow the body to properly repair muscle tissue; and
  • in the long run it will lead to physiological damage and ill health.

I am a firm believer that a little of what you fancy does indeed do you some good.  If overall for 80% of the time you can eat a healthy diet, a mix of different food groups and nutrients from a reliable source(s), then … for 20% of the time you can be a bit more lenient with yourself.  Do not therefore beat yourself up mentally if you feel that one evening in the week you have slipped!  Do allow yourself to go out to socialise … always bearing in mind that  you develop an awareness of what is right and healthy for YOU.

The appropriate approach would usually be a combination of a healthy diet AND appropriate EXERCISE.  You cannot do one without the other ~ properly.

balance and fitness for life

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